Twitter Everyone?!

Am I the only person left who doesn’t use twitter?  True, I do use Twitter to update my Facebook status when I’m remote but that doesn’t count. 🙂  It seems now that everyone has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon.  From the local news stations, to Opra, to Obama, to read Scott, to every celebrity there is, twitter is getting some heavy press.


From what I’ve read they still haven’t made any money, but they are getting bigger everyday. How does that work? The biggest, fastest growing mini-blog platform there is and no black ink.

Weather reports, amber alerts, sports scores, swine flu movement, business releases, breaking news, they’re all available on Twitter.

How about you.  Are you following anyone?  Are you being followed?  Do you twit?  Is there an application for churches that we should be considering?

5 thoughts on “Twitter Everyone?!

  1. Josh Robinson

    Oh yeah! You can even follow Shaquille O’Neil on Twitter. I have found it is a great way to connect with ministries and ideas. Churches are jumping on it lately as well and can be useful to keep in touch with the people.


  2. Charles Ballard

    One interesting fact about Twitter is they bought their bird logo from an online clipart company for a few bucks and you can still buy the same logo for abt $6. So when you see the little bird it doesn’t necessarily mean that really is Twitter.

  3. Trudy Norton

    Hey Jim, I follow you, and various news and sports. I haven’t found (looked for) applications for churches but think it may be great to gather a group for discussion or prayer. If you find something of interest please share

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