A day away at the beach

I spent some time at the beach yesterday, way too much time. I got cooked. Going to the beach on the weekends was something that I did a lot of as a teenager. Everybody would go to the beach and hang out. We did it a lot on Sunday afternoons, making sure we got back for Sunday night church. Boy, have things changed. No more Sunday night church, and no more driving and parking your car on the beach.

I did notice something else that has changed. (It was hard not to notice, and it was very scary.) There need to be rules about swim suits. Seriously. When your size reaches a certain point, for both men and women, there should be rules that prohibit the manufacture of the swim suit. A compromise position could be that as the size goes up, so must the amount of material in the suit.

There seem to be a lot of people at the beach that think they look good in swim suits that should be left to those much younger and with much less body baggage. These bad swim suit choosers remind me of all the American Idol “want-a-be-s” who make up some of those hilarious early shows. Do they really think they look good? Do they really think people enjoy seeing them? Or, are they on some serious mind trip into a fantasy world, and should only come out with a beach cover-up on?

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