it’s in the clouds

It sounds great, print to any printer, anywhere, if you’ve been attached before.  There are a few steps you have to take, but like a good techno-nerd I was able to follow the directions and do the needed setup. Then you have the “print test page” test. Yea! I hear the printer. Yes, it printed.  What printed?  This printed:


Now I’m ready.  Complete some work late at night, then print it on the better printer in the office. FAIL! What?  I’m ready, but the cloud isn’t ready to support me yet.  Wait, there is a Chrome plug-in that can fix this.  Installed. Oops, still no support for what I need.

Cloud printing works great from smart phones, but not from laptops or desktops, at least for now. Support is coming, as soon as developers build “cloud printer drivers” for different software packages, like Microsoft office.  So, let the waiting begin.

I can print great test pages, and google documents, and “things” on the internet that end with certain extensions like pdf, but I have to wait before I can print the stuff I really need.  When that happens, then cloud printing will be really cool for me.

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