My brother made me..

I guess gone are the days when your kids at night slip a flashlight under the covers and read a book past bedtime.  I’m not sure how many kids actually have done that over the years, but it makes for good movie moments.  I do remember my kids sneaking a phone (not a c-phone) into bed and talking under the covers in whispers that “no one” else heard.  My daughter told me today about some “under the cover sneaking” my grandsons have been doing.  Her boys are of that generation who have been born into the electronic world of c-phones, laptop computers, cable TV with 150+ channels, video games that make pong appear to be less relevant than an abacus, and the internet.

They put the boys to bed in their respective bedrooms and later in the night heard some giggles.  Investigation revealed that each boy was still in his room, in his bed, under the covers, BUT, not asleep.  It seems that through utilizing the power of WIFI in their home and the internet they were playing a game against each other on their DS’s.

So now, when you send your kids to bed, you need to check them for their e-toys, because they can still play without even getting out of bed.

You’ve got to love have creative that is.  Oh yea, somethings don’t change.  When they got caught, the younger one said his older brother made him do it.  Nice try Andrew.

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