Today is National Wear Red Day

National Wear Red Day asks everyone to wear something red to promote and raise awareness about heart disease and stroke. The goal of the movement is ambitious: to reduce coronary heart disease and stroke risk by 25%.


I can relate to the fact that many people are surprised each year by a heart related medical incident.  Most people do not know that the number one killer of women is heart disease.  Women experience a high number of heart attacks every year, many times ignoring warning symptoms until its too late.

I have had a lot of surprises this past year, and even with all the difficulty it has brought my way, I appreciate everyday more than ever.  I urge everyone, especially you ladies out there, to not ignore something that just doesn’t “feel right”, get into your doctor and get checked out, try and eat healthy, and try to exercise on a regular basis.


Don’t become a statistic.

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