corona update #2

The past week has shown me these (3/17-3/23):

  1. 22 million kids out of 31 million kids in America depend on the schools for meals. This is crazy and a failure for us as a people.
  2. Home schoolers > public schools; they just keep on rocking.
  3. Rule breakers standout; definitely it’s an “all about me” world for many.
  4. The kindle/public library partnership is priceless.
  5. Common sense isn’t common.
  6. Lists of business that are going the extra mile (safely) should be rewarded by each of us in a post-Corona world.
  7. Parents need to learn how to parent.
  8. We all need to just chill.
  9. We are the weakest link.
  10. He is still on the throne.


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