no more phone booths

Way to go New York!  I have to give credit to the Big Apple for thinking outside the box and coming thru with a great idea. I know other cities will be watching how this works out and putting their own spin on moving from an old technology to a technology we all use, cellphones.

Free Wi-Fi kiosks are replacing 7,500 old pay phones thru out the city.   This network will become the fastest and largest free municipal network in the world, and at no cost to taxpayers.  linknyc_01

Ads in the kiosks will cover all the costs of the switch out and be a source of ongoing revenue to the city.  You can read all about the network <here>.

Wonder how something like this would work in Jacksonville?  We could start out by using our elevated skyway express system as a small footprint, then expand to pay phones in urban Jacksonville, bus stops throughout the city then other public spaces.

Let’s think outside the box, use some private businesses and generate some revenue for the city.

What do you think?





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