I need a password, seriously

I was at a concert this week in a church. You had to be there an hour before the concert to get a seat so there was a lot of time to burn. No problem, the internet is our friend and a big time killer. Wait, say it ain’t so! Their WiFi is password protected. (And I can’t get a signal.)WiFizone
You have got to be kidding. Having a HotSpot password protected is worse than no HotSpot at all. At least if you don’t have one at a church people will think you are a technology challenged church that isn’t culturally relevant.  But if you have one, and have a password on it, that screams you’re worried that people will be surfing the internet and not staying focused.  Wonder why they are not focused?  Maybe I want to fact check something I just heard. Maybe I want to tweet out a virtual amen.  Maybe I want to share a quote that answers a question  an unbeliever friend of mine has been asking.

Seriously, if your church doesn’t have WiFi, get it.  If you have WiFi and it’s password protected, get with it.

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