Ummm….not what I meant….

Below is a posting from my son’s pastor Tim Howey, in Kansas.  I think he has hit a home run:

Just to follow up (again) on Sunday’s message, here are a series of “not-what-I-meant’s”!

1.  On my comment that I can’t believe it that some people say they can only commit to serving once-a-month in ministries that require NO preparation ahead of time, and VERY LITTLE time-commitment (maybe 20-30 extra minutes a week?)…

  • I wasn’t talking about you volunteers who are already WAY-COMMITTED.
  • I wasn’t talking about those who MUST work on Sundays sometimes and can’t gather with the church.
  • I wasn’t talking about splitting up families in separate cars having Dad come early & the family come later…which is my world in fact (in fact, I’d say do just the OPPOSITE…come early TOGETHER & serve God in ministry TOGETHER!)
  • I WAS talking about those who sit week-after-week-after-week (like the Pharisee in Luke 7:36-50) and WON’T LIFT A FINGER to serve Jesus because the task, or the cost, or the time-commitment is “BENEATH” them!!!

2.  On my comment that sometimes people use “I’ll pray about it…” as a “Christian” way of telling God “No”…

  • I wasn’t talking about our need to pray WITHOUT ceasing.
  • I wasn’t talking about the need to always pray about DIRECTION from God.
  • I wasn’t talking about the need to pray for God’s STRENGTH to follow Him
  • I WAS talking about the fact that there are some things you DON’T have to pray about (e.g. We don’t pray about WHETHER OR NOT we should start telling the truth, or stop stealing from our company, or love all people…or serve God in ministry.)
  • I WAS talking about Christ-followers who have NO INTENTION of serving & use prayer as an EXCUSE not to get involved.

P.S. “I’m Tim Howey & I approved this message.”  🙂

One thought on “Ummm….not what I meant….

  1. Tim Howey

    Jimmy, thanks for the repost & the encouragement! God is really burdening us here at Grace about engaging EVERY person in ministry…and God is ruffling MORE than a few feathers…a good thing. 🙂

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