Time to eat the donuts

This place has been around for years and has found the secret to success.  A great product, don’t flood the market, and keep it simple.  Of course I am talking about the BEST donut place in town, the Donut Shoppe on University Blvd in Arlington.  There’s always a line at this hole-in-the-wall business that has customers parked all over the Gate Service Station parking lot they share.  When they’re out, they’re out.  They take cash or cash.  They use boxes with their name stamped on the outside.  They smile, they don’t franchise, their customers are loyal, and they have the absolute, no question about it, best donuts in town.


If you’ve not been to this spot and love donuts, you’ve missed out on a religious experience. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go in this shop if you’re on a diet or ever have been on a diet, because you will have to go into donut rehab.

The “hot light” is on, and not at Krispy Kreme.

8 thoughts on “Time to eat the donuts

  1. Gail

    Somehow, I missed this – Tom did too (good thing!) I wasn’t allowed to wander around Arlington when I was still in school (was it there then) and I didn’t work near there after we married. Hmmm gotta check it out though..

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