Gasping for air….

I’ve been gasping for air as you can see from the lack of recent posts. Back on 5/31 and 6/1 I posted about Building Community, and a grand experiment we were employing at my church. I’m gasping to say, that it has been a smashing success so far. As a staff we felt a participation number of 100 – 140 would be considered a win….then it happened. On the sign-up Sunday before we launched on Wednesday, 350+ signed up!

When we realized the size of the sign-up for Summer Vacation, we went into overdrive to handle the crowd. Tables were rented, additional supplies were purchased, more childcare workers were hired, new support teams were recruited, and we started.

People showed up! Lots of people….and they all had a ball. The buzz has been unreal. Everyone is talking about Summer Vacation. More people have signed up since the first week and tomorrow we’ll be jamming to summer beach tunes and making new friends.

People were starving for community. Cross generational Summer Family units were created, and it was a huge win.

Here is a clip that shows how much fun it can be, to build community, laugh a lot, make new friends, and study some scripture in a world of happy chaos: Summer Vacation Video

Pray for this crazy team of leaders I’m a part of, as we help people connect with each other, and connect with God.

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One thought on “Gasping for air….

  1. Krazy Kyle

    Hey man.
    I am so completely stoked to see how things are going at CBC. Incredible! I am thrilled for you all- I will keep checking in on your blogs. And I must say, I miss you the wifey. Give her hugs for us.
    Kyle & Jess

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