Nobody likes change except a wet baby

This week I’ve had two postings about things nobody likes.  Many of you probably had some of the same “don’t likes” on your list that I gave. Something that is on everyone’s list is “change”; nobody likes “change” except a wet baby.

“Change” makes us uncomfortable, uneasy, unsure, unsettled, nervous, cautious, anxious, apprehensive, and slow to move.  Even those of us that say we like change have to admit there is a certain level of uncertaintity with change.  We may handle it better than some, but, there is just something about change that gives us “pause”. Doing life in a changing world is difficult if we stick our head in the sand and refuse to change.

Organizations are like people on a grander scale.  Change can be tough, because organizations are made up of people that all deal with change in different ways, at different speeds.  But just like people, an organization that sticks its head in the sand and refuses to change can have trouble doing life in a changing world if it refuses to change.

Churches are a poster child for organizations and how they deal with change.  Churches are at risk with impacting a changing world, by with how they deal with change.

Three choices every church can make are:

1. They can continue doing the same things.
2. They can try to do the same things better.
3. They can choose to do new things.

What kind of a church do we need to be?

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