Reggisms – Part 2

Some more Reggisms:

  • Talking about the future will lead Satan to crank up enough background noise that we cannot hear God.
  • Christianity is the fasted growing religious/spiritual group in the world today:
  • 175,000 new Christians in the world each day
  • 2% of people in apartment complexes attend any church.
  • There is not one county in America that has grown in percentage of Christians to the total population in the past decade.
  • The “post-congregationlist” category is at 5% of the population and will go to 30% in the next 20 years.
  • Newtonian physics was the basis for modernity while quantum physics is the basis for postmodernity. It teaches that inner space is just as vast as outer space.
  • Humankind likes to work off prediction and planning. Most of the stuff that impacts our congregations happens outside our meetings and it is stuff that we cannot plan for.
  • People who live by a missionary set of values cannot abide those with a “club member” set of values.
  • The bandwith is expanded in a missional church: how many conversations are we having, how much life interface is taking place, how is our community service component, how many community leaders are we praying for, how many teachers have we partnered with, how many community groups have used our facility?


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