So what’s a believer to believe about voting?

Another primary last night. More analysis. More pundits with opinions. Believers are already rubbing their hands together and scratching their heads about what to do in November.

As we get closer, there will be more and more smack about “us Believers”. About the e-vangelical-right-republican-block-Christian-simple-minded-voters-that-can-turn-the-election.

The truth about the electorate is how diverse it is.

Slicing voters into four camps this is how it looks:

Those outside Christianity – 24%, Evangelical Christians – 9%, nonevangelical born-again Christians 38%, other self-identified Christians – 29%

The other truth about the Christian electorate is how incredibly diverse it is. For those of us with a long history of being churched, we know how difficult it is for members in one church to agree on some simple issues. The problem gets bigger when you go church to church within a denomination, then bigger when you move outside your denomination to other denominations, OK, I think you get the picture.

Throwing all of “us” into one group and predicting how we’re going to vote as a block, is like deciding today how much gas is going to cost on Memorial day, at an interstate gas station in the middle California, but that’s a post for another day.

One thought on “So what’s a believer to believe about voting?

  1. Ray

    Just remember when talking about statistics that 98% of statistics can be manipulated either way 50% of the time. If you want the world to change don’t wait for the politicians to do it they are part of the problem, if we are going to change the world we are going to have to shut off our computers and go outside a get involved in peoples lives.

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