Sports Costume Concepts

In honor of today’s Halloween festivities, here are a few sports-themed costumes:

Tiger Wolf: Just wear a red polo and Nike hat carry a putter or driver, and maybe wear a knee brace.
Michael Phelps: Create homemade gold medals and wear them with a Speedo – if you dare.
Tim Tebow: Wear orange and blue, adding a Super Man “T” on your chest.
NASCAR Driver: Cover yourself in patch-like advertisements – and mention your sponsors at least once per sentence.
NFL referee: Wear a black-and-white striped shirt and carry some thick glasses and carry a few yellow hankies – you can throw them when friends double dip at a party.

(This posting stolen from the Florida Times Union Sport’s Page)

One thought on “Sports Costume Concepts

  1. Eric Walker

    Hey Dad, I pulled out one of the old EHS papersuits and tried to pull off the Phelps look, I looked more like John Helencamp….so I passed.

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