There's no room for just a cup of coffee, because of all the worker bees

Starbucks vision behind the Third Place was to create a space between the home and the office which offered the sort of environment that had always been cherished in the best coffee houses through the years – a place to meet, to read, to debate and discuss, to be on your own. As Starbucks built their chain, independent cafes popped up to offer alternative takes on basically the same principles. So now the question is, have coffee shops lost their 3rd space position and become 2nd space locations because of the Bedouin Workers using the space.

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3 thoughts on “There's no room for just a cup of coffee, because of all the worker bees

  1. Tabitha

    Interesting ideas here! I jope it’s OK for a woman to drop by–I love “talking” about church-related ideas, as we’re helping our pastor move our new church ahead as well. I haven’t heard of a “Bedouin Worker” before. What is it??

  2. Jim

    Going Bedouin is a term that describes the format of low-cost, highly mobile set of companies and individuals that use public areas with free or low cost Wi-Fi to launch or do their business. Given peoples’ experience with telecommuting and distributed team projects from the open source community, it is not as hard to envision as it once may have been. Go to a Starbucks or another cafe and its full of the creative class tapping away on their laptops. The only discussion being made seems to be on the phone with people in other cafes. (Great question T).

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