new look, new postings

No excuses, I’ve been dark, off the grid, silent, MIA. Not drifting, not not caring, not without opinions, concerns, observations, insights and questions, just in stand by mode.


But I’m back.  Not with Sunday school questions, not with Sunday school answers, but with questions, observations, insights and tension about where we are as Believers, in church, in Church, in community, in our lives.  I’ll also be throwing randomness at you, as it comes my way and I want to engage you conversation.

I’ve redesigned the website AND added the entries from my Jags blog, “willthejagswinthisweek.com”. I’ve been slack over there as well, please forgive me, but truly they’ve been excitingly depressing. If you stroll sequentially thru this blog you’ll hit on a lot of Jag posts to start with but they thin out, so hang tough. You can jump to some non-Jag stuff by using the tabs at the top of the home page, like Rants, Raves, Reads, Eats etc.

So let the games begin.  Check back or read this blog as part of a RSS feed, I promise you’ll be glad you did.  Who knows I may even be talking about you, because as I’ve said before, “it’s not paranoia, when the ones that you think are out to get you, really are”.

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