Unlimited c-phone for $99

Now that our world is being flooded with unlimited c-phone airtime for only $99 I can’t wait to see how crazy things are going to be. Before everyone starting rolling out these talk-talk-talk-talk plans it was easy enough to become irritated at all the too loud conversations people were having all around me everywhere I went. Now, with the price dropping the people talking without end is going to explode. More road rage as we drive behind people that are talking more than driving their cars. More interruptions in movie theaters because of the chirps and cute tunes because people don’t know what their own ringer sounds like. Slower lines in check-out stations in businesses as the talk goes up and the lines slow down because people are not paying attention. OK, enough venting. Who’s in your circle? Who’s on your direct-connect? Who is so important that they need unlimited talking? I think we need unlimited listening a lot more that unlimited talking.

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